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Palm Beach Companion Care is a Homemaker & Companion Services Agency.

Our Senior Companion Services entail Customized Client Companion Services Plans. In the Client Assessment we go over our Assessment Sheet with the family to gather as much family input as possible into the Seniors Companion Services plan.

By doing this together we get a very clear picture of the families needs and desires for their loved one.

We will put together a daily schedule, a weekly schedule and at a price point the family an afford.

Our Non-Medical, Hands-Off Companion Services will give you the peace of mind to work or travel knowing your loved one is well cared for in the family home.

Our Case Manager is in contact very frequently with the Companion Caregiver in the Seniors home to keep updated every week of how things are going day to day.

Our Case Manager makes visits to the clients home, calls the client to check up on them, calls, text messages and emails the extended family members to keep them well informed of how their Senior Parent or Grandparent is doing.

Rest assured if any changes are recommended by the family or the family Doctor, we will be very quick to be flexible and very responsive.

If their are changes in the Senior clients health or well being, we will let you know immediately. When we see the client needs a higher level of care then we are licensed for, we will recommend immediate changes to their family in their "best interests" safety and well being.